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What is RCNi Plus?

RCNi Plus is a new service that ties together our core product range into one subscription.

RCNi Plus puts you in the driver seat, allowing you to pick and choose the elements from our products that suit you and your career.  Subscribers to RCNi Plus can create their own personalised dashboard from over 200 topics that consist of evidence-based peer-reviewed clinical and CPD articles from our nursing journals and their archives, in addition to 180+ double-blind peer-reviewed CPD learning and bitesize modules from RCNi Learning.  

CPD certificates and reflective accounts can be added directly into your RCNi Portfolio in preparation for revalidation, and you can save articles and learning modules into your Favourites to refer back to or complete at a later date.  Each of our 10 journals can also be followed individually, so you can read each issue as soon as it is published. 

RCNi Plus is designed to be the complete toolkit for your nursing career, whatever your interests or specialty. 

Find out more about RCNi Plus here

I’m a registered user. What do I get for free?

Registering is free and you will only need an email and password to join us. 

Registration allows you to read the news, the latest COVID-19 articles, features on RCN Nursing Awards, listen to the Nursing Standard podcast, and access articles on our nurses’ Well-being Centre.  

You can add these sections via your RCNi Plus Dashboard, which keeps you informed when new content is published in these areas. 

Registered users can also Favourite articles to refer back to, handy for research and further learning.

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What other subscription packages do you have? 

We have different subscription packages for nursing students, RCNi Plus subscribers and Nurse Researcher subscribers.  

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My university or Trust have a subscription to one of your journals. What can I access?

We call these institutional subscriptions. An institutional subscription allows you to access all the articles and archive of the journal(s) your institution subscribes to.  You will need to ask your librarian which RCNi journals you have access to via your institution. 

An institutional subscription does not cover articles that are published outside of the print issue or give you access to the RCNi Plus dashboard. To benefit from a wider range of resources than those that your institution offers, will need a personal subscription.

I am a librarian or employer that would like to set up an institutional subscription

Organisational and team subscriptions are available for RCNi Journals, RCNi Portfolio and RCNi Learning. Contact is to find out how we can help with CPD in your organisation.

Find out more about our institutional subscription offers here 

I subscribe to the print edition of my journal. Can I access the online content, too?

Yes. Your print subscription includes access the website too.

I can access articles but cannot access RCNi Portfolio?

If you are accessing RCNi content through your library, hospital or employer via an institutional subscription, you may not automatically have access to the portfolio. To use RCNi Portfolio for revalidation, you need a personal subscription or be an RCN member. 

Find out more about our personal subscription packages here 

Where is my subscriber reference number?

If you are a print subscriber it will be above your address on the wrapping surrounding your journal. If you are a digital subscriber, it will be on your welcome email. If you aren’t able to find it, please contact customer services.

Contact customer services here 

Which browser versions are supported by products?

Our websites and digital products work best on Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. 

Older versions of browsers may not provide the best experience. 

Can I subscribe to your digital products without subscribing to a journal?

An RCNi Plus subscription gives you access to all ten of our nursing journals, RCNi Learning and the RCNi Portfolio.

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Do you call RCN members with special telephone offers for RCNi subscriptions?

Yes. As part of the Royal College of Nursing Group, we contact opted-in RCN members with exclusive offers for RCNi subscriptions. These offers give RCN members access to RCNi’s premium resources at a discounted rate to help you deliver best practice and meet the NMC’s revalidation requirements.

To help you verify that a call is genuine, we use only these dedicated telephone numbers:

  • 02031379430
  • 02031379431

The representative will also explain that they are calling on behalf of RCNi and will be able to confirm your RCN membership number, your name and the address registered to your membership during the call.

Your bank details held by the RCN are not shared with representatives for the purposes of these calls and as a result, you will need to set up a Direct Debit instruction if you wish to proceed with an offer. To do this, you'll need your account number and sort code and be the person required to authorise debits from the account. Our representatives will never ask for your CVC number, card expiry date or the long number along the front of your card.

You can opt-out of calls from RCNi at any time, either by notifying a representative during a call or by updating your contact preferences with the RCN.

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