Editorial: Showcase the extraordinary things nurses do through our awards

Let me tell you something you already know: nurses are extraordinary people who do extraordinary things every day. 

Yet how many times do you hear nurses playing this down, saying they are ‘just doing their job’, or giving the credit to others in the team?

The annual RCNi Nurse Awards exist so that nurses, healthcare assistants and students receive the recognition they deserve.

Potential winners 

They also help to share innovation and best practice, not only within the profession, but with policymakers and health services throughout the UK and further afield. 

As entries open for the 2017 awards, we know we will receive hundreds of applications, but we are also aware that there are many more potential winners who do not put themselves or their teams forward because, frankly, they are too modest for their own good.

Nursing is an undervalued profession. This is reflected in your pay packets and your lack of influence among those who make decisions about how healthcare should be delivered.

Step forward

Our awards help redress the balance, by showcasing the outstanding contribution made by nursing teams to the care of patients and other service users.

So let’s sing about your successes, let’s tell the world about them and remind those in power of the invaluable work you do.

Now is not the time to be humble. Now is the time to nominate yourself, a colleague or your team, so that your innovative practice becomes the norm elsewhere.