Wound care: assessing the best approach to cleansing and dressing

Our podcast guest discusses the role of nursing assessment, how wounds differ and what to consider before making decisions about cleansing methods and technique

Nurse with gloved hands cleanses a patient's leg ulcer

What are the principles of cleansing a wound? When should nurses use dressings and how do they choose which cleansing solution to use?

The latest episode of the Nursing Standard podcast explores what nurses need to know about this important area of practice.

Podcast guest is University of Salford lecturer in adult nursing Matthew Wynn runs the degree’s module in tissue viability and leg ulcer management.

How assessment shapes nurses’ decisions about would care

In this interview with Nursing Standard editor Flavia Munn, he explains the difference between an acute and chronic wound, the importance of assessment before wound cleansing and when to employ aseptic and clean wound techniques.

He discusses how to decide on the correct cleansing solution including the use of water and of dressings.

At the end of the podcast, Mr Wynn summarises the three key things nurses need to know about cleansing a wound.

RCNi Learning wound care modules

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