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Evaluating mental health nurses’ confidence in recognising a physically deteriorating...

How an Early Warning Score can support nurses to recognise when patients are deteriorating

Patient and public involvement for mental health researchers

Understanding the practical and ethical issues involved

‘Today We Talked’: using a collaborative approach to transform care in the psychiatric...

Understanding the experiences of people who need intensive mental healthcare

Sleep disturbances in bereaved older people: a review of the literature

Older people who have recently been bereaved are likely to experience sleep disturbances

Evaluating the effects of appointing an associate nurse consultant to a CAMHS team

A service evaluation of the effects of the newly developed post in County Durham

Promoting the sexual health of people living with severe mental illness

Nurses’ attitudes toward sexual health among patients with severe mental illness

Issues affecting trans* young people: considerations for mental health nurses

Support for mental health nurses to enhance awareness of the needs of trans* young people
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Empowering migrants during the resettlement process: applying Peplau’s theory

Peplau’s theory could be used to guide and empower migrants

Recognising elderspeak and how to avoid its use with older people

Elderspeak can be described as an over-adjustment of speech made towards older people

Enhancing physical health monitoring in people with severe mental illness

The development and implementation of a physical health passport

Exploring the effects of clinical simulation on nursing students’ learning and practice

How simulation-based learning can increase students’ confidence before placements

Reporting and recording sexual safety incidents in inpatient mental health settings

A programme to improve the sexual safety of people in mental health inpatient settings

Developing the mindful nurse practitioner

Evidence for, and benefits of, offering mindfulness programmes during nurse education

Stigma and help-seeking behaviours of men with depression: a literature review

Strategies that could be used to improve men’s engagement in mental health services

Exploring the benefits of a psychoeducation session for patients with chronic...

Recognising the co-morbid mental health conditions that patients with COPD experience

Raising magistrates’ awareness of dual diagnosis and community sentencing options

Rehabilitative options as an alternative to custodial sentences for vulnerable offenders

Understanding the service user’s journey through a transitional support service

An examination of a transitional support service from custody to the community

The ‘shift reflection’ model of group reflective practice: a pilot study in an acute...

Challenges that mental health professionals commonly experience, and the support they require