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Three nurses at a very busy hospital workstation

Groundbreaking safe staffing law now in force for nurses in Scotland

All Scottish health and care settings must have enough qualified nurses to provide safe care

Some £1 coins spread on a document with the word pension printed under the heading payments

What every nurse in the NHS needs to know about the pension scheme overhaul

How you might be affected – plus a warning to anyone thinking of opting out

A nurse holds a pen and document as she talks to a patient sitting up in a hospital bed, both of them wearing protective masks

NMC closes temporary register set up during COVID-19 crisis

Temporary register saw thousands return to nursing to aid vulnerable at peak of pandemic

A nurse holding a clipboard makes notes while in the background a patient lies in a hospital bed

The (quiet) steps you can take to help inpatients get a good night’s sleep

Find out about measures that minimise disturbance at night – but don’t mean extra workload

Picture of filing cabinet tabs with FRAUD in red letters and INVESTIGATIONS and LAW in black letters

Two nurses removed from NMC register for test fraud

Regulator found evidence of fraudulent computer-based tests at a centre in Nigeria

Nursing and Midwifery nameplate outside its HQ

Nurse suspended after trying to get selfie with footballer

NMC gives nurse four-month suspension for breaching code and patient privacy

Evidence and Practice

Exploring the role of communication in effective nurse leadership and patient care

The role of communication in effective nurse leadership and patient care

Mastering verbal and non-verbal communication to fully understand patients’ needs

Investigating the relationship between nurses’ workplace behaviour and perceived levels of ethical leadership in managers

Relationship between nurses’ workplace behaviour and ethical leadership in managers

Ethical leadership by managers is a significant determinant of nurses’ behaviour in the...

A research internship scheme for nurses and its wider implications for clinical managers

A research internship scheme for nurses and its wider implications for clinical managers

Managers should help enable the development of a nursing and midwifery workforce engaged...

Mapping ward managers’ core competencies using the Balanced Scorecard model

Mapping ward managers’ core competencies using the Balanced Scorecard model

A strategic map of the role can help measure performance and provide a benchmark to improve...

 Understanding and investigating potential problematic behaviour towards colleagues

Understanding and investigating potential problematic behaviour towards colleagues

Nurse managers should adopt a stepped exploratory approach using a sensitive exploratory...

Exploring the relationships between stress, resilience and job performance among nurses in Jordan

Relationships between stress, resilience and job performance among nurses in Jordan

Study shows mitigating stressors could enhance nurses’ resilience and improve patient care


Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration shows healthcare staff around a table formed from a clock face to suggest a team approach to rostering

Rostering: could more control over your shift timings transform your work-life balance?

Team-based rostering pilots point to improved staff retention and greater collaboration

Community nurse arrives at man’s front door. The two greet each other, suggesting a they share a warm bond

Bonding with long-term patients: promoting continuity of care within healthy boundaries

Tips on fostering ongoing therapeutic relationships while avoiding undue attachment

Bad manager

How to handle a bullying, weak or incompetent boss

Tips on initiating constructive conversations and where to seek support over poor leadership

A nurse in scrubs is frowning and hunching her shoulders in a sign of distress

Under excess pressure? The emotional signs of stress and how to deal with them

Tips for identifying worrying signs and supporting yourself and colleagues

An illustration showing a smiling nurse in uniform standing in front of a crowd, represented by several sets of hands raised high and clapping

Daunted by public speaking? Tips to take you from nervous to confident

Nurse experts share their advice on how to prepare well and engage an audience


Illustration shows three jigsaw pieces, one piece showing a manager with a clipboard trying to resolve conflict between two other people (one with arms raised as if to strike) on the other two jigsaw pieces

Bad behaviour exists in nursing, but supportive colleagues are there too

Bullying attitudes may arise when nurses lose compassion, and could drive others to leave

A nurse stands in front of a line of other nurses, looking happy and confident. Yet nurses often downplay their role

Our professional inferiority complex: why you’re never ‘just’ a nurse

Safety-critical care is what we do, yet some of us can’t resist the urge to downplay

A nurse consults two screens of digital information about a patient lying on a hospital bed

Digital nursing and mental health: we need you to inspire and share best practice

We welcome contributions from any potential authors on these and other topics


Nurse, face unseen, holds an illuminated lightbulb, with systematically connected dots appearing to radiate from, illustrating the capacity of nurses to be innovative

Care innovations: how to spark ideas on placement and influence change in practice

Hospital-based projects are a chance to gather evidence, present a case and improve care

Leading change as a nursing student: how to develop an innovation

Award winner explains how she co-produced a relevant, helpful resource with patients

Nursing Live: what’s on offer for students and newly registered nurses

Access free sessions on placements, well-being, mentors, careers and more at RCNi’s event


Three young woman huddle together, all looking at their phones. Social media can effective in advertising nurse vacancies

Social media recruitment: how you can turbo-charge interest in vacancies where you work

TikTok and other platforms are proving to be powerful tools for filling nurse roles

Top half of clock-face, with the word deadline emblazoned on it, the time showing six minutes to midnight. Revalidation deadlines can induce panic in NMC registrants

Help! My revalidation is looming and I’m worried I’ve left it too late to get started

Don’t panic – let our portfolio tool take the strain out of organising your documents

Sexual assault referrals: my work as a forensic nurse examiner

A typical day in this demanding role, and the skills and compassion required