Career advice

Get it right from the start

With graduation day over and their names and PIN numbers appearing on the Nursing and...

What is your personality type?

Have you ever found yourself irritated by other team members because they do not do things...

Mental health and the power of art

A family tragedy changed the course of mental health nursing student Mark Collins' career

Ward off unwanted advances

Nurses are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment from patients, visitors or co-...

Safeguarding lone workers

An alarm device hidden in an ID badge can provide extra security for lone workers.

Be heard in high places

House of Commons committees can examine any area of a government department’s activities.

More than meets the eye

In my work as a research nurse for more than four years, I gained experience in a range of...

Promote exercise actively

Earlier this year, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published a quality...

A digital network of writers

Speaking to nurses at my trust, I discovered that many had undertaken dissertations and...