Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care (Second edition)

This book provides a concise and informative guide to the process of literature review in nursing, health and social care, and is applicable to students and professionals.


An Adventure in Statistics: The Reality Enigma

If you are undertaking a research module or degree requiring statistics, then this textbook will be a valuable addition to your library.


Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing

The chapters in this book vary in the depth, nature and quality of historical research they represent, but all are interesting and worth reading. Some focus on particular methods and others focus on various historical topics.

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An Introduction to Qualitative Research: Learning in the Field (Fourth edition)

Covering three central ideas– research is about learning, should be purposeful and must be conducted systematically – this book proves itself to be a comprehensive guide to qualitative research.

Applied Qualitative Research Design

Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Framework Approach

This book is suffused with the elements of what the authors call the total quality framework – namely credibility, analysability, transparency and usefulness. Each chapter is built around this framework so the important decisions needed throughout the stages of a qualitative research study are covered.

Action Research for Nurses

Action Research for Nurses

The authors of this long overdue book offer a cogent critique of the current body of nursing and research knowledge guided by three basic questions: » What constitutes nursing knowledge? » How is knowledge acquired? » How is nursing knowledge put to use?

Routledge Handbook of Clinical Supervision

This well-constructed book explores clinical supervision in a language appropriate to novice health professionals and experienced researchers alike. The authors define terms associated with clinical supervision that are often misunderstood.

Doing & Writing Qualitative Research

With a breadth of detail that will engage a variety of readers working in different research disciplines, this clear and concise introductory text handles difficult concepts with diverse and in-depth examples.

Nursing Research Using Historical Methods: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing

Just as the present can be understood by examining the past, the use of historical research methods can help nurses to understand the present to influence the future. This text emphasises how this approach to nursing research can provide a contextual framework from which nurses can consider their own practice.

RAPID Research Methods for Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals

In the era of evidence-based care provision, nurses must be able to understand research language. This user-friendly reference book provides extremely accessible information for this purpose.

How to Be a Researcher: A Strategic Guide for Academic Success

Realistic advice and strategies are provided in this reader friendly book, which describes and sets out how students and scholars in psychology can become academic researchers.

Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative & Quantitative Data

This text fulfils its aim to ‘take the reader back to the roots of grounded theory’ without compromising its three tenets: exploration, emergence and constant comparative analysis.

A Post-graduate’s Guide to Doing a Literature Review: In Health and Social Care

The aim of this book is to guide post-graduate students undertaking literature...

Work-based Learning in Clinical Settings: Insights from Socio-cultural Perspectives

This edited collection of innovative research on work-based learning makes...

Writing for Publication in Nursing and Healthcare: Getting It Right

Writing for publication is no longer a task for only the learned few, but getting...

Grounded Theory: A Practical Guide

THIS BOOK is intended to introduce novice grounded theorists to grounded theory research. It...

Health Intervention Research: Understanding Research Design & Methods

AFTER READING this book my initial thought was that it requires from the reader an...

Making Sense of Research in Nursing, Health & Social Care

IF YOU found the previous versions of this text useful then this, the fifth edition, will...