CPD articles

Our continuing professional development (CPD) articles are designed to assist with your nursing skills and practice.

Clinical management of non-healing wounds

Chronic wounds are defined as those that have failed to heal after three months. There are...

Aetiology, clinical presentation and treatment of testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a highly treatable and curable malignancy. It typically affects men...

Nursing management of people experiencing homelessness at the end of life

Overcoming barriers to accessing effective healthcare for people who are homeless

Preventing and managing challenging behaviour

Patients exhibiting challenging behaviour, which includes any non-verbal, verbal or physical...

Safe transfusion of blood components

How to undertake blood component transfusions safely and effectively

Supporting people who experience intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a significant issue in health and social care. Nurses may...

Principles and nursing management of anticoagulation

Discussion of the uses, modes of action and potential side effects of anticoagulants

Symptom management in women undergoing the menopause

The menopause is a physiological event involving ovarian failure as a result of a loss of...

Developing the organisational culture in a healthcare setting

Why organisational culture is important to patients, carers and healthcare workers

Undertaking drug calculations for intravenous medicines and infusions

Drug calculations for intravenous (IV) medicines and infusions are more complex than those...

Role of nursing leadership in providing compassionate care

This article encourages nurses to explore the concept of leadership in the constantly...

HIV and AIDS: An overview of the current issues, treatment and prevention

The theme of World AIDS Day 2017 is ‘let’s end it’. After almost 40 years since the first...

Using the ABCDE approach to assess the deteriorating patient

Learn the ABCDE (airway, breathing, circulation, disability, exposure) process

Methods of contraception: the nurse’s role in providing care and advice

Most women require contraception during their reproductive years, and many methods are...

Understanding and meeting your legal responsibilities as a nurse

Nurses, midwives and nursing students are legally responsible for their actions. This...

Using a systematic approach to interpret electrocardiogram rhythms

Cardiac monitoring and how to identify common types of cardiac arrhythmia

Management of nausea and vomiting in patients with advanced cancer at the end of life

The prevalence of nausea and vomiting in patients with advanced cancer varies, but it...

Recognition and management of eating disorders in children and young people

Eating disorders form a group of mental health conditions characterised by abnormal eating...