CPD articles

Our continuing professional development (CPD) articles are designed to assist with your nursing skills and practice.

Differentiating between dementia, delirium and depression in older people

How to clinically assess, diagnose and treat patients

Prevention and management of urinary catheter blockages in community settings

How to identify and support patients at risk, and advise on preventative strategies

Assessment and management of chronic pain

Learn how to accurately assess pain and discover the interventions available

Effective management of adult patients with asthma

Learn asthma control methods and how to reduce the risk of acute exacerbations

Improving nursing students’ experience of clinical placements

How to provide effective support to enhance their skills, knowledge and self-confidence

Prevention and management of hyperglycaemic crisis

Understand its causes and clinical manifestations, and how to care for patients

Using a structured clinical assessment to identify the cause of chest pain

Learn essential elements such as physical examination and clinical investigations

Effective approaches to health promotion in nursing practice

Understand how health promotion approaches can be embedded in your role

Enhancing the quality of clinical supervision in nursing practice

Understand how clinical supervision can support nurses’ well-being and practice

Care of the critically ill patient with a tracheostomy

An update on equipment and care procedures for a patient with a tracheostomy

Developing clinical reasoning and effective communication skills in advanced practice

This article uses a case study to demonstrate the stages involved in clinical reasoning

An overview of inflammatory bowel disease

Understand its symptoms, diagnosis and management

Medicines management for people with dementia

Learn about the challenges and cautions associated with pharmacological interventions

Assessing and managing the acute complications of diabetes mellitus

Nurses have a vital role in recognising and responding to diabetes mellitus complications

Exploring health promotion and health education in nursing

It is essential nurses understand the concepts of health promotion and health education

Assessing and managing malnutrition in adults in hospital

Why you should read this article: • To understand the effects of disease-related...

Meeting the healthcare needs of people experiencing homelessness

Why you should read this article: • To understand the needs of people who are experiencing...

Developing resilience: the role of nurses, healthcare teams and organisations

Strategies nurses can use to improve their resilience and that of others