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COVID-19 guidelines: what our review found was an astonishing lack of evidence base

Ill-informed reviews left nurses vulnerable – and we must not let this happen again

Courage to lead: how any nurse can create real change

No matter what your nursing experience, if you have the desire to create change, you can

Industrial action: I chose not to strike before, but this time is different

RCN Nurses of the Year appeal to colleagues to stand up for pay and patients

Delayed discharge: we must fix the wait for take-home meds to free-up precious beds

With acute beds at a premium, isn’t it time we made the process smoother?

The ‘Big Quit’: would flexible working and retirement options encourage you to stay?

The NHS needs older experienced staff to stay, which will require sustained policy change

Staff retention: what would the NHS look like if nurses’ roles were respected?

Stemming the tide of leavers post-COVID will require more than increased overseas recruitment

Industrial action around the globe: a wake-up call for leaders

With strikes and disputes on the rise, we need a grown-up discussion about healthcare funding

Protecting whistleblowers: is it time NHS managers had a code of conduct too?

Raising concerns about patient safety is part of nurses’ role, not a point of contention

Human rights are patients’ rights: how proposed reforms may affect your role

Proposed changes could be at odds with our duty of care and code of conduct

Time’s almost up for the temporary register, but how many will stay on?

As its planned closure raises another red flag, more permanent solutions must be found

Patients undergoing kidney dialysis have not seen much change in the treatment available

Dialysis is still a gruelling disruptive treatment that takes over a patient’s life

Domestic abuse and sexual violence: why we must not believe common myths about victims

Nurses will miss opportunities to safeguard women if they misinterpret victims’ behaviours

Abuse from patients: how it affects me and my colleagues

The shocking rise in violence and aggression and why safe staffing is key to de-escalation

When an older person falls: why practice needs to change

Evidence-based checklist supports safer decision-making to minimise ED attendance

Nurses reliant on food banks: we must do more to put an end to this national disgrace

Most nurses are paid at least the national average wage, yet some must resort to handouts

The COVID effect: tackling nursing’s image problem with some positives

How a recruitment campaign is reaffirming work-life balance and career opportunities

Restoring routine NHS diabetes care: the support your patients need

Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have left many patients struggling alone

Burnout from COVID-19 emerges as a factor when nurses decide to quit the profession

What are the implications of this pandemic push factor for the UK workforce?