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Nursing Standard’s editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Dr Richard Hatchett present a regular podcast on topics affecting nurses and healthcare in the UK.


Nursing students: what I wish I’d known before starting out

Tips from two nursing students on juggling the competing priorities

Picture of an older woman in a hospital bed, looking pensive

Dementia and pad culture: dignified continence care in hospitals

Our podcast discusses use of continence pads for people with dementia admitted to hospital


Nurse shortages: why is there a constant struggle to fill rotas?

ICN chief Howard Catton talks of the need for up to 13 million new nurses globally


Monkeypox: how nurses can spot and treat it – and protect themselves

Our latest podcast guest explains all you need to know about the virus

Andrea Sutcliffe

Fitness to practise: why nurses shouldn’t be fearful of the NMC

Nursing and Midwifery Council chief Andrea Sutcliffe on treating all staff equally

A nurse supervising a patient who has difficulty swallowing

Dysphagia: what nurses need to know to care for patients

Our latest podcast explores dysphagia, or difficulty in eating, drinking and swallowing


Lyme disease: what should nurses be looking out for?

Learn how to spot and treat the condition, which results from the bite of an infected tick

Nurse with gloved hands cleanses a patient's leg ulcer

Wound care: assessing the best approach to cleansing and dressing

Our podcast guest explains how to decide which cleansing solutions and technique to use


Patient safety: safe staffing and knowing when not to compromise

Our podcast guest urges nurses to act if they think working standards are being eroded


Overcome self-limiting beliefs to build your confidence – and your professional career

Learn how to unlock the barriers that can hold you back from embracing new opportunities


Stressed out at work? Learn practical steps to improve your well-being

A new online course identifies your vulnerabilities and explains how you can work with them


Revalidation: do you struggle with the process? Our podcast can help

Learn what counts as continuing professional development, methods for reflection, and more


How to demonstrate effective leadership skills – whatever your seniority

Our latest podcast will empower you to develop your own leadership style

Practical advice for busy nurses on how to ensure you are eating healthily at work

Our podcast looks at barriers to healthy diets such as long hours and lack of breaks

Career change: utilising your existing skills to secure your dream job

If the pandemic has made you consider your next move, our podcast can help

Endometriosis: how to spot the signs in patients – and maybe in yourself

Expert advice on supporting patients, and coping strategies if you have the condition

Sick of ‘resilience’? How to embrace being human – not superhuman

Chiara Dall’Ora explains why she refuses to teach resilience to nursing students

How to overcome racism and discrimination to build your career in the NHS

Nursing Standard podcast looks at career progression for black and minority ethnic nurses